Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Hosts

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010 is the third teen edition of Pinoy Big Brother to premiere April 10, 2010 on ABS-CBN.

Gossips finally come to an end

Six weeks inside the house and the Pinoy teen housemates have fast-tracked their relationships with each other. “Kapag mas tumatagal mong kasama ang isang tao, lumalabas ang tunay na ugali,” commented Yen. Unfortunately, living in close quarters with people does not necessarily equate to building good relations. Instead of strengthening new friendships, the Villa teens chose to spend their idle time talking ill behind the backs of their housemates. For the Villa teens, gossip-mongering has reached to new heights, so much so that Kuya has already taken major steps in correcting such behavior.

Kuya’s first big move was to have Jenny and Richard from the Teenternationals dub an anime. The script was full of blind items and commentaries on the gossip happening inside the Villa. First up were the issues with Ivan. Patrick and Joe felt that he was a playboy who not only toyed with the feelings of the girls, but also seemed to have some insecurities when the girls gravitated towards them instead. Even Yen stoked the issues by telling Joe that Ivan said he was gay for being too close with Eslove. What was sad about this situation was that, among all the housemates, Ivan felt that Patrick and Joe were the closest to him, yet they were the ones who played a big part in the gossip. Ivan decided to take matters into his own hands and started by explaining himself to the others. '‘I’m interested in all of you,” he shared. “Para akong playboy yesterday, but I’m not. At least, I think I’m not.” He defined a playboy as someone who played with girls’ feelings, and he definitely did not want to be branded as such. To his close buddies, he allowed himself to get a tad emotional. “I never had a stable group of friends,” he said. Hopefully, he finds some within the house, minus the gossip.

Another favorite gossip hit was Tricia, the youngest in the house. The concerns on her attitude were now replaced by talks of her having unpleasant body odor and bad breath. Kazel and Yen were caught giggling about it in the wee hours of the night, and even when the blind item came out on the plasma screen, the teens still managed to laugh at their inside joke. Tricia was not as clueless as they thought, immediately picking up on the blind item as soon as she heard the words “immature, improper, cute, disgusting” in the description. When she said that she knew it was her and tried to defend herself, Patrick tried to lighten the situation by saying, “Hindi naman natin sure kung sino.” Kuya kept on replaying several hard-hitting lines from the anime, and those who did take part in the gossip finally got the message. To drive the point home, Kuya also spoke with Kazel, Yen, Patrick and Joe individually and asked them to put themselves in the shoes of Ivan and Tricia. Put that way, they realized just how hurtful and unfair they had been.

Yen, in tears, mustered the courage to go to Tricia. She realized that Tricia looked up to her as an elder sister, and as such, she should have guided her instead. Yen explained the difficulty of stating sensitive issues, but admitted that she should have talked to Tricia instead of gossiping about it. Tricia seems unfazed by all the drama, knowingly nodding her head and revealing that she actually knew who the gossips were all along. “Masakit kasi pwede namang sabihin ng harapan,” Tricia confided to Kuya. “Natutunan ko nalang pong i-ignore.” Kazel, too, joined the conversation and apologized for her actions. Tricia explained that there were times that the others borrowed clothes from her and just stuffed it in the closet after, clean or not, which could probably account for the stink. Trying to make light of the situation, she said, “Bukas maliligo ako ng pabango!” The three girls hugged and all was right in their world – at least for now.



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